Message from the Director

A new millennium; a new era in healthcare delivery

The goals of the Thomas D. Boyer Liver Institute are to slow the progression and eradicate liver disease through patient support services, research and education, including the promotion of lifestyles that sustain a healthy liver. As Acting Director of the University of Arizona it is my privilege to lead a growing team of excellent, extremely motivated, multi-disciplinary staff dedicated to the advancement of ongoing programs.  We are all excited to propel the Boyer Liver Institute into a new era of equitable, integrated, precision-based health care.

Patient Care

In collaboration with Banner University Medical Center – Tucson, our patients are served at two clinical locations where they can expect to receive compassionate care in all areas of liver disease from our highly trained and knowledgeable hepatologists and staff providers, including hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), fatty liver diseases (NASH, NAFLD), Hepatitis C and B, and liver transplantation. The Thomas D. Boyer Liver Institute recently became a federally-designated 340b entity enabling us to support affordable medical care to individuals living with Hepatitis C. Located in the heart of the US Southwest, we have the capacity to reach a very diverse population including patients of Hispanic and Native American origin that have previously been underserved. 


The Boyer Liver Institute is at the forefront of cutting-edge research participating in and leading clinical trials, patient-centered studies, translational and fundamental precision -oriented research to provide new treatments and approaches.  Our goals are to integrate basic science-laboratory-based discoveries into the discovery of new treatments and biomarkers that are translated into clinical trials thereby affording our patients to the latest treatments for liver-related diseases. We welcome Hispanic and indigenous communities to participate in our community outreach programs so as to benefit from the most cutting-edge treatments.


The University of Arizona, College of Medicine maintains ACGME accreditation that administers highly competitive fellowship programs in gastroenterology and hepatology. Our faculty are eager to train our Gastroenterology and Hepatology fellows to become well-educated, experienced, compassionate physician leaders.




Geoffrey D. Block, MD, MSc, FACP

Interim Director,  Thomas D. Boyer Liver Institute

Clinical Professor, UArizona College of Medicine - Tucson